Weeknights at the Gearns Household

Weeknights are tiring…for many people I’m sure. And since I work Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday are my packed evenings of cook dinner, prepare next day’s lunch & dinner, shower, clean, maybe a walk with Kevin, other necessary tasks, some reading…and Kevin and I typically make some time for a bit of netflix.

I’m glad we made the decision to not purchase cable since internet gives us more than we need. And so we decided to purchase Netflix – $8/month is still an expense for us, but it certainly provides us with some downtime entertainment. I’m no tv whiz anymore – there was a time in my life (high school) when I had a specific show each night of the week, but not anymore. I hadn’t picked up a new show in years. Last spring Kevin and I started watching Gilmore Girls together (I had a few seasons on DVD) – my roommates got a kick out of watching us. And when Kevin put his foot down and decided it was time for his choice (even though he loved the Gilmores), I let him introduce me to Psych.


This addiction wasn’t quite as bad as the Hunger Games phase I went through in January (tried so hard avoid that one), but this show had me hooked! If you’ve never seen it, it’s a comedy about this guy, Sean, who pretends to be a psychic detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department, and it is hilarious. And then there are the serious episodes that actually kept me up at night. We made it through five full seasons until Kevin realized he needed to pull me away this summer.


So he introduced me to Sherlock Holmes, the new mini-series. I knew absolutely nothing about Sherlock outside of Robert Downey Jr’s recent portrayal. But man is this show intense! And engaging! And long! You gotta really commit to an episode. They keep you on your feet, but I have to say I am impressed…and also always annoyed with Sherlock because he is a complete jerk. And the show is very anti-christian, at least from what I can gather. But still entertaining!

Arrested Development

And to really just lighten Kevin’s days, we’ve now finished two seasons of Arrested Development. This one I had seen a bit back when it first came out, but don’t recall much at all. And it really is as funny as everyone says. Lucille. Gob. Maeby. I mean…they’re all just so good. What a comedic adventure each night – and just 20 minutes an episode!

So for all those television experts out there, I don’t have anything new. I’m just really grateful netflix has so much.


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