The Land of Plaid, Argyle & Tweed.

I’ve been fantasizing all day about plaid & tweed. I texted Kevin this picture saying “could be us”:

He said if we dressed a little bit more chic than that, he could be down.

It makes me long for the land of the Scots! Edinburgh, perhaps one of the lovliest cities I’ve ever had the good fortune to visit, is my dream location with my dream lifestyle with my dream fabrics: plaid, tweed, and argyle. Everything just goes so perfectly together: the cobblestone streets, the medieval architecture, the darling shops, the vast greenery, the accents. And, one of the few atelier schools in the world is in Edinburgh…Kevin attends/teaches as the one in Boston…soooo, just sayin’. 😉

My family is taking a trip to Scotland & Ireland this May, and it’d be a real treat to join them, just gotta see if we could swing it with both our finances and our schedules. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but who knows? I won’t rule it out completely.




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2 responses to “The Land of Plaid, Argyle & Tweed.

  1. Sarah con Accento

    How you gunna post a rubber boot dog with no explanation? Did you make that???


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